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Lucy Ascher

I was born in Colombia and came to the United States when I was four years old. I grew up in Queens, New York (yes I have the accent!) and had the pleasure of experiencing the New York lifestyle with it's fast pace and cultural diversity. The purpose of this website is to introduce myself, and to showcase my talents. I am an experienced web designer, graphic artist, musician, writer, funny broad and computer nerd extraordinaire.


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These are some of the skills that I have been able to acquire through the magic of patience and caffeine.

Web design

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Big Cheese

I run this show.

August 2018

My previous Corporate masters choose to remain anonymous

Customer Success Manager/ Tech Support

Heavy Salesforce CRM use and implementations. Assisted with creation of knowledgebase articles and videos.

Feb 2018

Corporate America

Technical Advisor

The duty of the Technical Advisor is to assist with configuration of the device within customer's home network, including troubleshooting, network settings and improving performance.

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